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 Water marble

  If you are interested in nail art, but are lacking in skills, nail marbling is a great place to start. This is actually a very easy process after some practice and will leave your nails gorgeous. The cool thing about marbling is that you don't need to be precise. The main purpose of water marbling is to create a random design on each nail.

  In just a few steps you can get amazing nails

  Supplies for water marble: a cup or glass of room temperature water, orange stick or toothpick, scotch tape, nail polish, nail polish remover, cotton swabs.

  1. Fill your cup with some warm or room temperature water. The bowl should be big enough for you to dip your whole hand into.

  2. Apply your base coat and then 1-2 coats of white nail polish, until it is opaque.

  3.To reduce mess and clean up, tape your fingers (scotch tape) before marbling them. Start with one hand and tape all of your fingers.

  4. Choose the polishes you want to work with and start by dropping with brush of polish one drop of nail polish into your bowl of water. The nail polish should slightly spread out in the water. Continue with the other colors until you have a few concentric circles of polish in the water.

  5. Using the toothpick or orange stick, drag through the polish from the edge toward the middle until you find a design that you think looks pretty.

  6. Position your fingernail above the part of the design that you like. Dip your fingernail into the glass, making sure it is completely submerged.  Let your finger in the water an clean up all the unused nail polish in the glass with the toothpick /orange stick. .

  7. Lift your finger out of the glass and let it dry. When you've marbled all 5 fingers on your hand, you can remove the tape.

  8. If necessary, use the brush of polish to fix the imperfections and  the bubbles. Soak a cotton swab in nail polish remover then wipe off the excess polish around the sides of the nail.

  9. Brush a clear top coat over the nails to seal the nail art. A top coat prevents the water marbling from chipping and makes nails shine.



Water marble Water marble nail art Water marble nail art

Water marble nail art   Water marble nail art



photos by Tartofraises

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