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 Toenail art, ideas and techniques -  by Aurore

  Nail art is beautiful and fun not only for fingers but also for toes. All techniques used in nail art can be successfully applied to pedicure. For a quick design can use nail stamping or water decals or simply mix different colors of nail polish. Hand painting requires more time, patience and skills but the results are awesome. Creativity and imagination are really important and accessories like rhinestone, stickers, fimo, crystals or gliter can be a great idea. All of these are easy to find market, especially in online stores. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, in easy to use kits, and have made toenail art possible for anyone to do at home. It's important to have quality products, from companies with established brand, for a good end result. Most products are fake or no name and not always have the best quality. Here are some cute toenail art ideas :






 photo by : http://cherry-nail-art.over-blog.com

  All designs above were made in the following way ; first add a quality nail polish base and then use a nail art technique. These are just source of inspiration and it is not necessary to make them the same. Don’t forget to match the toenail design with what you wear, especially with the footwear but also with clothes and makeup, to showcase your artwork in the best possible manner. Also your feet need to look good as a whole so you have to provide regular care and proper moisturizing. You can use stone, crystals, beads, spangles and other accessories to make your toenail designs look really special, it is just that you need to give that extra care to assure that things stick properly. Beautiful and well adorned toenails can be a good way to lift your mood. Once you master some nail art techniques you will wonder why you never did it before. It's fun and will highlight your personality.
  Choose the easy way if you are not particularly patient and simply hate being involved with your nails for such a long time. You can actually use a variety of nail polish colors and mix them all in a creative way. Uses simple elements of hand painting such as stripes and dots and the end result will amaze you. Simple things always look good and will not give headaches.Nail art kits are also easy to use and can create ingenious designs. Stamping, tattoos, stickers, rihinestones, strips and even jewelry can be purchased in this form. Typically contain clear instructions, examples and photos guiding.There are also many online video tutorials that can help.
  As you can see there are many possibilities to create ingenious designs and style your pedicure any way you like.

  Use your creativity and enjoy your toenail art !

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