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  Rhinestones nail art - crystal


 Nail art rhinestones are just another addition to the hot trends in nail art and design. Some popular uses of rhinestones include using them to be the center of floral designs.
  We usually refer to different types of rhinestones as crystals, but that’s not always correct, because the “crystals” that we use on our nails aren’t always made of crystal. They can be made from glass or plastic as well. The worst are the cheap plastic ones, usually produced in Asia. Unfortunately, these are also the ones that you usually see in nail art supply stores. However, nothing beats a Swarovski crystal rhinestone. Unfortunately, Swarovski crystal rhinestones don’t come cheap.

rhinestones nail art crystal


crystal nails crystal rhinestones nail art



  The rhinestone for nail art can be found easily on the online nail art stores. These tiny gems are ready to be applied directly to the nail surface using a thin layer of nail polish. Place the rhinestone over this first layer, and then apply a second layer of polish once the first has dried. You might also consider using nail glue.



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