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Stiletto nails
are perfect for the woman who would love to adopt a unique and modern look
Nail art by Valery
photo gallery with the most beautiful designs made by Valery
nail art photos
Nail art
photo gallery with the most beautiful designs made by Sola
Winter ideas
Winter and Christmas stories on our hans
nail tips
Nail tips
can be of several types: natural, transparent, french tips or pre designed tips.
Bombastic nails
Nail polish designs by Viky - Photo gallery
nail art on natural nails
Photo gallery by Emy
nail art designs
Photo gallery of the most successful designs made in 2011

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  If you nail art designer and if you want to publish your gallery on this site, please contact me on facebook.
The only condition for the gallery to be published is the work and photos to be of high quality.

  Today, nail art designs have become a part of fashion and a very popular practice. Every woman wants a long, healthy, shiny and designer nails. Long nails enhance the beauty of the hands and the best nail work highlight the overall look of the hands. This site tries to help you to choose the right designs that matches with different occasion, with your dress and jewelry. Many types of nail art designs presented can be done at home but to ensure the quality of work is better to go to a professional salon. Only the technician is the one who can advise you best in choosing the perfect shape and design that will fit both: hands and also your personality.
  There are many products on the market that can help us to have a perfect manicure. It is important to know how to use them safely. The cheapest products are from the Asian market but they are not always at reasonable quality. As with any cosmetic product, follow the labeled directions carefully and pay careful attention to any warning statements. The labels of all cosmetics, whether marketed to consumers or salons, must include a warning statement whenever necessary or appropriate to prevent a health hazard that may occur with use of the product.