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 Nail shapes
We can say that the shape of the nail is the most important aspect of the nails whether they are natural or technical nails. Always the shape and the length of the nails should fit perfectly with the customers hand and fingers !

  Only the nail technician is the one who can advise you best in choosing the perfect nail designs and shape that will fit both: hands and also your personality! The basic forms are :

  •  Almond
  •  Edge
  •  Oval
  •  Pipe
  •  Square
  •  Stiletto
  •  Obele

  Stiletto nail shape

  As features, the nail tip is strongly pointed, with rounded edges. In case of a French, the nail bed must be optical prolonged necessarily with a cover a product and French, is desirable to have a very deep smile.

  Stiletto nail shape makes the women`s hand look more delicate, because of the length and design which can be a simple and always elegant French, to a colorful design, hand-painting accessorized with jewelry or three-dimensional flowers. A good technician can help you choose the ideal size and shape of your Stiletto nails .Those are making wonders for hands with short fingers.

  Stiletto nails are perfect women who would love to adopt a unique, modern look that will put them in the spot light. It is said that women avoid stiletto form because they fear the lack of convenience, but the truth is that Stiletto nails are as comfortable as other forms of nails (square, oval, bridge, edge, etc.), some people considering them as the most comfortable.


  Pipe nail shape

  The name "pipe" is perfectly suited to this form. It is a new, modern, look which comes more popular every day.

  The edges are perfectly parallel, the peak is close to the nail tip as in the shape SQUOVAL nail shape. Nail tip curvature seen in profile is very deep, like a half circle. It is a shape of nail that requires experience and skill of the technician.

  photo by Snezhana Lunyova


  Edge nail shape

  Surely, the edge shape it is an unconventional shape, which does not fit everyone. You need a special style and personality and of course, the environment in which you operate - work, school, etc.. - should allow you to wear such a manicure.

  The shape is well defined, nail bed is extended in the shape of "V", the edges are perfectly parallel, and the tip also ends in "V". Most people are saying that it resembles to a "roof" nail, because of the nail profile the free edges form a perfect "V" . These forms fits better geometric designs that follows the edge of this robust nail-shape.

  The creator of the shape "Edge" is Valentyna Denysenko.


  Almond nail shape

  Almond shaped nails is a graceful form, which cam be worn at any length wear (S -> XXL).

  As longer as it will be, as beautiful she can look, and the nail technician will have more space to develop his skills in Nail Art.

  This shape is even great even at a big length, and because of the lack of corners (as square-shaped nails) or the "peak" increased (see Stiletto) it`s very easy to wear because they do not pick up the fabrics.

  photo by Egerszegi Szilvia


  Oval nail shape

  Oval shape is quite popular as a convenient form that tends not to pick up the fabrics as easily as the nails with a square shape. Oval nails are common among people with long, perfect nail beds. Most often this type of nail has a natural look and looks very good in a short-medium length.

  This nail form is clean, feminine shape and easy to adapt for the modern and active woman. Oval nails are curved in the free edge and can be worn with nail lacquer, French or Nail Art, like all natural or technical nails. Like an example, you can do a nail enhancement with an oval shape, for a customer with short nail bed, adapting the length to their fingers fingers.


  Square nail shape

  The square-shaped nails are the most famous between the nail shapes. Women choose the square shape often, because it is the most common form of nail. The image of the square-shaped nails it is a "classic" one and most often associated with the French white or the red color. But pay attention! This shape does not fit everyone`s fingernails and hands! This rule is applying especially for the persons with a short nail bed/deteriorated nails - in this case, the nail tech should do a prolongation of the nail bed with a cover product (gel or acryl), so the nails will have a longer aspect! These way the nail will seem more healthy and beautiful!

  TIPS: If a customer with a very short nail bed wants a manicure with technical nails and she chooses for a square shape, the technician must guide her to go for a short to medium length, otherwise the nails will not look at all naturally! If she chooses a medium nail size and ( like an example) a permanent French,this must be built carefully, with a very deep smile line, whose corners go down to the third part of the nail bed.

  photo by Egerszegi Szilvia


  Obele nail shape

  The Obele shape belongs to its creator, Virginie Dolle who say few words about this nail form :

  "The shaped-nails Obele are made with GEL UV. : 4 worked faces by leaving of a straight prism on a triangular base on a Stiletto. Aspect: nail is triangular in profile and seen from above, presents four different faces. This shape is very strong, more stable than a Stiletto. It may seem aggressive, but many people love it just for that something special out of the ordinary, it`s an unusual!

  This shape was called Obele, because of its similarity whit a dagger and a triangular obelisk ( consisted of three parts: a base construction ensures stability, a trunk that thins to the quadrilateral summit and a break in slope at the high meeting to get the shape of a pyramid).

  I love to write and I liked the idea to give my shape a name that refers to literature. The typographic sign Obele in the shape of cross (+) has for equivalent the more recent shape of the dagger. It`s used to punctuated text."



author Maria D. - more informations on shiny-nails

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