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 Nail art techniques

  There are many nail art techniques that you can use to have beautiful nails with a unique design. Those presented in this article may be used alone or combined to make a design that reflects your personality.
Some of these techniques are easy to learn and it takes a little practice and skill for a good result. Others require more time, practice and skills to get a great look. Here are some of the basic nail art techniques :

  Free hand painted nail art . It's the technique that best defines the concept of nail art and a job for nail artists with with steady hands. Apply base coat first, then two polish coats which will be the base for painting and finally seal all with a top coat which will protect the work and the design will last longer. There are plenty of online video tutorials that explain in detail and step by step how to do unique nail design with free hand painting.
  Here are two simple but very beautiful design made with this technique
  ...and two designs that are more difficult to do

  One stroke painting technique is a very easy way to create wonderful hand painted on many surface like skin, nail, glass, wood, furniture, plastic. It’s a double ( or triple ) loading technique that consist of loading a plate brush with two separate color to produce the highlight, body colour and shadow with a single stroke of the brush. This method was adopted by nail tehnicians for its many advantages and spectacular results.

  Water marble nail art creates a fantastic nails but it’s a tricky technique to master. It takes a few tries to get good results. The video tutorials are a great help to learn step by step this technique. Find more here : water marble nail art

  Nail stamping is a technique through which you can get very detailed designs without the special abilities for nail art. With just a few specialized tools and nail polishes, you can start stamping extremely intricate designs on your nails.

  Water decals are widely available and can be purchased in cheap sets. They make creating nail art really easy, and the finished results are neat and very professional. It is the solution for women who have no time and patience to deal with fancy nail art. To use nail art decals, either soak the design or wet it with a cotton bud soaked in water. Then, simply massage the back side of the transfer in order to release it from it's backing and then remove it.

 photo by : Tartofraises

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