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   Gel nails - have become very popular lately and it seems that artificial nails are the future of the nail industry. They are used for the many advantages it offers and especially for the very natural look and glossy looking than other types of artificial nails.
   Benefits of Gel Nails:
  • natural looking
  • natural feeling
  • odorless
  • thin
  • flexible
  • crystal clear
  • light weight
  • non-yellowing
  • nonporous
  • resistance
gel over natural nails
   For easier application, gel nails are today available in kits that make possible the application of gel at home. Although it seems that gel nails are easy to apply is better to appeal to a professional salon to have a healthy manicure and a perfect application.
  For the gel manicure, the gel is simply sticked on the nail and treated with ultraviolet light. The gel gets easily sticked to the nail and will last for a long time. Removing the gel nails it is easy by simply taking the gel away. Unlike acrylic nails, after removing the gel nails, the natural nail remains intact.

  The disadvantage of the gel nails is the cost, higher than the cost for the acrylic nails. Gel manicure has many advantages. Natural nails can grow without any problem under the gel. The gel protects the nail against damages, scratches, humidity...etc. Using this kind of manicure will makes the natural nails to last more, to be stronger and beautifull.

  When you want to remove the gel nails is recommended to go to your nail technician as they will know the correct procedure for removing the artifical nail without damage to your own natural nail.

stiletto gel nails stiletto gel nails




gel nails gel nails gel nails




photo by   cynfulnails.com   and  Maria D.

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