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  French manicure - French nails

  About French manicures are opinions that say you would not be fashionable but french nails are used more often because of its simplicity, elegance and the natural look that it evokes.

  In recent years have appeared many variations of the french nails, which involves using new techniques such as nail art, airbrush or use of accessories such as jewelry, piercing, rhinestones. Now, instead of just pink nails with the traditional white tips we can see different colors. So the nail bed color may stay pink, but the tips are not white and can be red,pink or black. Another type of manicure is the French style in reverse, with pink tips and white nail bed.

  If you want to try out the French manicure but you are afraid to do it yourself, you can always visit a nail salon where you get a quality manicure and your nails will be healthy and safe.

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french manicure - french nails


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