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  Fimo nail art design

  Fimo its a brand of polymer clay and has become as one of the most popular nail art design among nail technicians. Fimo nail art is a great way for nail designers to save a lot of time that would be lost if it were done manually. Fimo comes in a cane/stick shape or pre-slice in hundreds of designs like : fruits, flowers, butterflies, hearts, stars, abstract, Christmas trees, etc. Fimo cane shape advantage is that we can cut in slices to desired thickness.

  It's easy to apply Fimo. Just pick one slice with a tweezers. Apply while nail polish is still tacky or apply top coat on the place where you want to put fimo. Repeat if necessary to create the design you want. Finally, apply top coat after nail polish dries. Also Fimo can easily be embedded on gel nails and acrylic nails.

FIMO canes/sticks or slices can be easily purchased from online stores at cheap prices.










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