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  Acrylic nails - are commonly preferred by women because they tend to be the strongest, cheapest, and longer lasting than gel. Acrylic nails are well known for being more durable than gel nails and they don't need lots of maintenance. Besides the fact that they are long and elegant, acrylic nails can be printed with unique designs by nail technicians, which will attract many eyes. For this reason acrylic nails are very suitable for special occasions like wedding when we are in the spotlight and want to look really good. Women also opt for acrylic nails when natural nails are fragile or simply can not grow beyond a certain point.
Because acrylic nails are long and strong, they are well matched to the application of the nail piercing.

There are some disadvantages of wearing acrylic nails, most related to how they are applied. Since the application of acrylic nails use strong chemicals, natural nails can be more affected than when using the gel.When done incorrectly, acrylic nails can look fake instead of natural or can even look worse. Natural nails may have a difficulty in growing under acryl because of the thickness.
acrylic nails, nails art
  Advantages of acryl:
  • easily available
  • unique design
  • strongest
  • cheapest
  • longest
  • durable
  • easy to fix
  • easy removal
  • suitable for nails piercing


acrylic nails, nails art

acrylic nails acrylic nails acrylic nails






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