Nail art technique
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 Toenail art
 French manicure
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Photo gallery 2016
Nail art technique
Photo gallery by Skura
Photo gallery by Tartofraises
Toenail art
ideas and techniques by Aurore
Spring ideas
Velvet manicure
we can play not only with color but also with different textures
Photo gallery by Tartofraise - 2013 collection
Toenail design ideas
Your pedicure will look perfect with any of these examples
Nail designs
Collection of pictures made by different nail artists and with different themes
Sweets nail designs
Icecream, candies, cupcakes, jelly ... all sweets on nails
Wedding designs
For wedding day is very important that your look to be perfect
Nail shape
Always the shape and the length should fit perfectly with the customers hand and fingers
Rhinestones and crystals
are just another addition to the hot trends in manicure.
Abstract and phantasy
by Claire
Water marble
This is actually a very easy process after some practice and will leave your hands gorgeous.
French wedding manicure
a photo gallery with the best pictures of wedding manicure
Nail designs 2012
photo gallery
Photo gallery by Aya - a nail artist from Japan who work with both Uv gel and acryl and accessories.
Gel designs
They are used for the many advantages it offers and especially for the very natural look and glossy looking
toenail art
Toenail art designs
toenail designs
Toenail designs
Adding a toenail design to your toes will make them look very special.
Beautiful long manicure
by Ilona Musik from Poland - Photo Gallery
christmas nail
Christmas design ideas
acrylic nail
Acrylic nails
are preferred by women because they tend to be the strongest, cheapest, longer lasting than gel
when we decorate the nails for the halloween party, we should consider the theme of the party
french manicure nails - french nail
French Manicure
 are used more often because of its simplicity, elegance and the natural look
new stiletto nail
New stiletto
where called "Obele",are made with gel UV and they have 4 different faces.
airbrush nail art designs
Airbrush systems are very fast methods and give a really high quality result
fimo nail art
Fimo designs
Fimo has become as one of the most popular design among technicians
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  If you are a nail designer and if you want to publish your gallery on this site, please contact me on facebook.
The only condition for the gallery to be published is the work and photos to be of high quality

  Today, nail art designs have become a part of fashion and a very popular practice. Every woman wants a long, healthy, shiny and designer nails. Long nails enhance the beauty of the hands and the best nail work highlight the overall look of the hands. This site tries to help you to choose the right designs that matches with different occasion, with your dress and jewelry. Many of manicures presented can be done at home but to ensure the quality of work is better to go to a professional salon. Only the technician is the one who can advise you best in choosing the perfect shape and design that will fit both: hands and also your personality.
  There are many products on the market that can help us to have a perfect manicure. It is important to know how to use them safely. The cheapest products are from the Asian market but they are not always at reasonable quality. As with any cosmetic product, follow the labeled directions carefully and pay careful attention to any warning statements. The labels of all cosmetics, whether marketed to consumers or salons, must include a warning statement whenever necessary or appropriate to prevent a health hazard that may occur with use of the product.